Streepthroat - n., v. (STRĒP-thrōt) - portmanteau -Meryl Streep / Deep Throat
ex. "To perform an exceptional act of fellatio; worthy of an Oscar award."


Keith MacDonald, 2016

Keith MacDonald, 2016


Streepthroat is a loud, weird, gross rock band from Brooklyn with a devil-may-care attitude, who wants you to paint them like one of your French girls.


vocals - lex kaylan

  guitar - frankie "king idiot" figz

bass - matt "murderhouse" sohl

       drums - tom beuchel


The band was born one crisp Autumn's day in 2015 when Lex, in a state of woe over lack of personal accomplishment, put up a Craig's list ad in search of a drummer. Tom responded, having just moved to New York from Indiana in his van a week prior, ready to party. Frankie also responded to the ad, although he was a guitar player, and lovably weaseled his way into the band. Matt was found on Facebook--a friend of a friend from backwoods Maine, whose endearing bass looks as though it was pulled from a garbage fire. The four weird-hot band mates settled upon the name Streepthroat out of a love for sexual innuendo, Meryl Streep, and words that should absolutely not be crammed together. 

They played their first show in February of 2016, whenceforth impressing upon their crowds and venues their infectious tornado of fun--perhaps, too much fun. 

Streepthroat plays regularly in New York City, and is currently producing a music video for their track "Blood Robot". Lex routinely pressures the band into considering moving into one big house together, like The Monkees.


They'll cave eventually.